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My Story

Well my story may not be as exciting as the next but it is mine!  I am a wife and mother of four fantastic children who have brought so much pride to my life.  My family is big and crazy and since scentsy has come into my life it has changed things in an amazing way.  Originally I joined because after my cat caught the kitchen on fire by knocking over a candle.  I realized that candles were not safe at all and I was just happy I was home and didn't lose everything and no one was hurt, thank goodness so I joined Scentsy just to get a kick back for my addiction but within a short period of time Scentsy blew up and became a full fledged business.  At this point I realized that this was what I want to do.  I love the product, I enjoy the people I meet and simply by sharing my Scentsy passion I have so much fun, I have grown so much in my business socially and financially.  I have built an amazing team that is growing everyday, I love my team we are like an extented scentsy family, in my business I know myself and my team are all Independent Consultants but with the team we have built we are never alone.  <!--endbody-->